Residential Wood Trim

Wood trim is an intricate part of any constructions, repair or remodeling job. One of our specialties is working with fine wood trim including crown molding, base trim, cornice boards, fascia and decorative door and window trim. As our name implies, finishing is one of our areas of expertise. While we are a family owned company we also have the experience and resources to handle your finishing needs while delivering on time and on budget. We offer experience and great value making us the most logical choice for your home finishing needs.

Benefits of using Wallcrafters:

We at Wallcrafters know how to professionally finish your home. We know wood trim and we are also insured, reliable, and highly qualified. When it comes to trimming your home, you can trust Wallcrafters. With experience, a client led operating philosophy and a host of best-in-class services, this makes Wallcrafters the most logical choice to handle your residential finishing needs.

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