Residential Concrete

At Wallcrafters we know about pouring and finishing residential concrete. A Wallcrafters finisher smooth's and finishes concrete surfaces. Since concrete is one of the most common materials used in construction projects, our finisher can also create different textures on concrete by using various tools and techniques. While we are a family owned company we also have the experience and resources to handle your residential concrete projects and deliver on time and on budget. We offer experience and great value making us the most logical choice for your home finishing needs.

No matter what surface our finisher uses, we then applies sealing and hardening compounds. These can be used to cure the concrete surface. Then we can take the time to closely evaluate the surface with the purpose of finding any rough or uneven areas, and then we can clean any chipped areas by using wire brushes.

Due to the properties of concrete you should hire a professional before using this type of material. There is no room for mistakes. Let our skilled craftsmen who has the certification and professional skills complete your concrete finishing needs. With experience, a client led operating philosophy and a host of best-in-class services, it makes Wallcrafters the most logical choice to handle your residential concrete and finishing projects.

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