Commercial Pressure Washing

Finding a qualified pressure washing company is not as simple as it seems. Many people will slap a magnetic sign on their truck, purchase a box-store pressure washer, grab a gallon of bleach, and call themselves a “Power Washer”. Then un-knowing people will hire such a person, and as a result open themselves up to a myriad of problems. You can recognize these guys by the magnetic signs, no uniform, and a pile of ladders atop their vehicle. We in the industry refer to them as “splash-and-dashers”. They are looking for their weekend beer money. They are unqualified, unreliable, and can pretty much bet uninsured!

Not only are the “splash and dashers” untrained, but they use inferior equipment such as that little 2.5 gallon pressure washer that you saw on sale at the local box-store. Therefore, if they are using inferior grade equipment, they are using inferior grade cleaners. Bleach is not a safe or viable pressure washing material.

We at Wallcrafters know how to professionally pressure clean the exterior of your commercial establishment. We use the best materials and equipment to get the job done right. We are also are insured, reliable, and highly qualified. When it comes to pressure washing a commercial establishment you have too much on the line to trust just anyone. Don't leave this up to an unqualified individual. As our name states all forms of wall finishing is our area of expertise and commercial pressure washing is no different. With experience, a client led operating philosophy and a host of best-in-class services, this makes Wallcrafters the most logical choice to handle your commercial pressure washing projects.

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